Nuno Filipe Oliveira was born in Lisbon (Portugal).
After finishing his studies at the EPCI (Escola Professional de Comunicacao e imagem)
at the age of 25, he started to work with Sofia Costa, a well known producer. In this way
he learned and understood from the beginning, how to produce an image.

His passion for traveling equals and satisfies his passion for photography. Work has taken
him to 39 countries, as Argentina, Chile, Namibia, Australia and the USA among others.

Nuno Filipe Oliveira is specialized in the fields: interior, travel, food, art and editorial. He is
collaborating with international magazines like “blue Travel” (Germany and Portugal), “Volto
ao mundo” (Portugal), “Maxima interiors” (Portugal), Vogue (Portugal), “Wohnen” (Austria),
“Compliments” (Austria), "Wienerin" (Austria) and working together with advertising and
online agencies.